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      Company Profile


             Foshan Shunde Yuexiang Food Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the world food capital - Shunde (Bruce Lee's former residence Junan Town), since its establishment has always adhered to the purpose of: "Providing customers with safe, satisfactory, and reassuring food", and set up a branch - Foshan Shunde Hongyuan Food Co., LTD.

             We are a company that mainly engaged in fast-cooked and uncooked pre-made meals, quick-frozen fresh food, frozen noodles, and rice-prepared food, specializing in the production and distribution of frozen food, and the establishment of sales branches in major cities and cooperating with different dealers in China mainland. At the same time, our products are exported to Hong Kong, Macau, Canada, the United States, Australia, Italy and other special economic zones and European and American countries. The company has been adhering to the mission of "satisfying consumers", committed to providing consumers with high-quality products on the tip of the tongue, and passed the ISO9001/HACCP system certification.

             "Big Laugh" is the company's brand of frozen food. In 2017, it was rated as the R&D base of the Cantonese Dim Sum Teachers Association, and won the honor of "Chinese famous snack" and "Foshan Time-honored Brand". So far, our company has developed more than 300 different categories of products, which are fried series, pastry series, step-by-step cake series, all-inclusive series, prefabricated series and other series, so that consumers can enjoy unique delicious, assured and convenient frozen dishes.






      企業核心價值觀:共創 共責 共享 共贏

      企業精神:感恩  敬畏  團結  精進











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